Canine College (Virginia, USA)
Jayme DesDunes, Owner

For years I did things the old fashion way, a pen and a calendar on my desk. In 2012 we built a new and bigger kennel and decided to find a computer program that could better help me manage it. It was a long and disappointing search until I came across MyKennels.

Nothing out there met my needs. I didn't want to pay for things that I didn't need.

As our business grew I needed a way to remember my clients and their dogs when they call to book. I LOVE being able to snap a photo of the dog and pull it up when a client calls and be able to have all the details right in front of me, and the photo always jogs my memory.

The program is easy to use even for someone who is not computer savvy. The customer support is wonderful and it is always nice to know that I can get help if I do need it.

MyKennels has been a huge asset for us. Thank you for helping me better manage my business. It shows up in our profits everyday.


Pets Now Boarding (Launceston, Australia)
Anna McFarlane, Owner

We were previously using a paper system to manage our bookings and store our records.

Since we made the switch, MyKennels has hugely improved the way we run our business.

My favourite feature of MyKennels is the clear and simple layout. I also like being able to log in from anywhere. The service and customer support is great too!

Paws 'n' Claws (Lancashire, UK)
Louise Lee, Kennel Manager

We had been looking to move away from our paper system for many years, but could not find a computer program suitable for our needs.

Everything was too bloated and complicated, and it felt like we were constantly battling against it, so we went back to our paper system.

MyKennels was a revelation for our kennels. It's the first program that all our staff can use, and we were finally able to computerise all our records.

There's lots of great features but we especially love being able to instantly check our availability and give our customers quotes over the phone.

Considering the time we save every day MyKennels has become essential for us and for the price of less than one booking we would say it is easily worth it.